Who’s Your Advocate?

Social has overrun many parts of our business. Everyone is fighting for attention in this very crowded, very saturated space. How do you stand out? It can be difficult to say the least. Here’s the thing. You don’t need an internet celebrity; you only need to attract your desired audience. If they are not your desired audience, then there is no real value to you OR to them.

Find people to collaborate with

I was reading a newsletter from founder, Shawn Manaher, about a recent podcast they had. Below is the quote straight from the newsletter.
In episode 32 of The Author Hangout, Bestselling author Leeland Artra shared a great way for authors to use Twitter:
“One of the things I do is I participate in these things called Tweet Teams. What you do in the Tweet Teams is you work with some other authors and you give them interesting things to say about you and they give you interesting things to say about them. And then, you talk on your Twitter feeds about them and they talk on their Twitter feeds about you and you mix that in with all the other stuff that you normally do. So I’m always sending out quotes and little factoids and stuff like this all day every day. In addition to that, about 20-30 additional tweets per day about other authors or stuff that’s coming, interesting things like that. In exchange, I have about 10 or 20 other authors that are every day sending 3-4 tweets about me.”

I absolutely love what Leeland is saying here. It resonates with  me and why I started a women’s community. You can apply this tactic to any vertical; it doesn’t just work for authors only. I personal have a small group of people that I know will share my posts and I share theirs. Some people call it a tribe, but I think it’s more of your core circle of trusted influence. These are people that you know without a doubt will be your brand advocate and you theirs. You’ve established a foundation of goodwill that can exponentially grow if you treat it right.

Join communities and forums outside of social media

One of the greatest benefits of communities/groups, message boards and forums outside of social is that you can build a much stronger tribe that will go back out and share your content on social. In a forum, you can really build solid one on one relationships with other users in a more private space. You develop a deeper rapport and bond in a thriving culture where these relationships are supported and promoted. In many private forums and communities, you have the ability to freely showcase your content, skills and expertise without it coming across as spam. You still have to ensure that you do not spam though. You should know to bring value wherever you post and I really shouldn’t have to tell you this.
On our forum we encourage our members to post. We WANT to promote you and your business. We desire to learn more about who you are. We believe that all boats rise with the tide, but you have to get in the water (as our friend Michele Jennae says). It really surprises me that people will not share their own content in private forums even when they are asked and encouraged too.
If someone told me, “Hey, come join this group, post your content, bring value and we will promote you FOR FREE.” I’d be joining and sharing my content without being asked twice. What is wrong with people! For the love of all that is holy…jump on that shit! Seriously!


Don’t let reciprocation be a negative thing. I’ve have met people who will not be a part of a community or program without receiving financial benefit. “If I can’t get paid, I can’t be involved.” My response… Really, you cannot or are not willing to reach back and lend a helping hand to others who need it without making a buck?! These are people that I keep my distance from because I want to smack them over the head.
Hold up… I know… You want to get paid. If you are doing work, you should get paid and it is your right to ask for a fair wage. However, if you are volunteering stop asking or expecting to get paid. You can disagree with me all you want and I’m totally ok with that.
I believe that we all should be willing and able to reach back and lift up others who are working their way up just like we did. Many struggle to find the right, trusted resources that won’t mislead them. Be willing to share without expectation of reciprocation.
Pay It Forward and get over yourself.
So when someone shares your content, lifts you up or hails you as an expert; don’t forget to say thank you. Pay it forward. Do it for them or for someone else. The more you give, the more you get.
I encourage you to step off of your social streams that are pushing the same uninteresting content all the time. Look beyond those borders for people that you can truly connect with and harness  the power of advocacy that you can create. You don’t need money and you really don’t need much more time than you already spend on social. I challenge you to find a forum or private community OFF of social that you can forge new relationships and make a deeper impact. I invite you to join our forum at RCUWomen and begin there.

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