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Top or Bottom?

Are you working from the top down or from the bottom up in your business?

It’s literally one or the other. I hope that your answer is top down and not bottom up. When I look at a business and their proclivities and strategies I can tell if they have a top down or bottom up approach.

I hear you saying, “Lany, what do you mean by top down and bottom up?”

I am SO glad you asked.

Top down means you have a strategy and you put thought into it.

Bottom up means you’re fucking winging it.

If you are working from the top down, that means you sat down with yourself or with your team and created a strategy; a BIG picture vision of what you want to create, your purpose, your goals, your mission. You took the time required to think about it. You created a strategy and a plan. You put the pieces in place to move forward.

Now you can be in full strategy and still need clarification. You can still be throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. That’s ok. The main thing is you are keeping your vision top of mind. You are testing to see if all of your products, programs, offerings and events are still in alignment.

If you are working from the bottom up, that means you are trying everything under the sun. You’re in the throw it at the wall and see if it sticks strategy. PS….it’s not working. In case you were wondering.

If you find yourself sitting in the position of not having a big picture strategy, don’t worry, you can shift without feeling like you are starting all the way over.

If you don’t have your BIG vision in place then I’ve got a few steps for you to start with.

1. Visualization

Years ago I went through a training with David Byrd about vision casting. It was profound and has helped me with my business and life through the years. I’ve adapted my own version of how I visualize my future, but his methods gave me a great starting point.

What I loved about his process is that when you initially write your vision, you pick a date/day in the future. It can be 1 year from now, 3 years from now, 5 years from now. It can be your birthday. Your anniversary. A holiday. The day doesn’t matter to anyone but you.

Feel into it.

Once you have selected your big day, I want you to take some time to think about and feel into what your future looks like in these areas: Financially, Emotionally, Physically, Business, Mentally and Relationships.

(Not every topic may be relevant for your business, but I encourage you to still do this for all areas of your personal life as this will impact your business regardless of what you think at this moment.)

Once you are ready, I want you to write out your visualization for that day in your future as if it is currently happening.

Write out your day from beginning to end covering all of the areas mentioned above. Make sure you tap into your feelings and write them down too.

Now that you have that complete, let’s take a closer look at your business vision You will dive deeper and break it down into strategic goals and actions steps.

Having a vision is fantastic, but it won’t come to pass by itself.

2. Take Action

1. Define Your Vision
2. Align Your Purpose, Goals and Mission with Vision
3. Create a Strategic Plan with Clear Objectives
4. Prioritize Actions Steps
5. Take Inventory of Current Projects
6. Assign Financial Investment
7. Set Manageable Deadlines and Timelines for all Deliverables
8. Hire a Team to Execute the Vision

3. Face Your Fears

I know this is a hard one. We all have fears, myself included. We either let our fears hold us back OR we move through them and past them to create magic in our world. As you move through your Vision and start laying out the action steps above you will have moments where you will question everything.

If you don’t believe in your Vision then it’s going to fall apart. You are the glue that holds your vision together for you and your team. Ideally, you need to be working with your own accountability partner or mentor to keep you on point as the leader and visionary. You also need a leader on your team that will support you in your vision.

If your vision is as big and impactful as I believe that it is, then it’s imperative that you do the inner work that is required to hold this massive vision. If we’re going to change the world, we have to be in alignment with ourselves first.

This is how you work from the Top of your business and not the Bottom. What position are you working your business from? Are you ready to work from the Top down and create a business that is efficient AND impactful?

I work with conscious, global business owners, CEO’s and thought leaders who desire and are ready to make a positive impact on this world. It’s time we shift the trajectory on a global scale in our lives and our workplaces. If you’re ready to step into your next level, then send an email to and we’ll set up a time to discuss your vision.

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