They Lost the Venue

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We lost the venue.
I’d been telling them not to avoid the venue or their agency, but they just wouldn’t listen.
You see, I’d only been hired on to manage the event about 60 days prior so I wasn’t around when they signed the venue contract.
To be honest, the contract they signed would have been illegal to even draft in the states, but we weren’t in Kansas anymore.
We were the outsiders.
We were the foreigners.
From the moment I came on board, they were behind in payments to the venue.
That was an issue I could not save them from.
They needed more money.
More sponsors.
More ticket sales.
They only hired me to produce the event.
So, the venue cancelled their contract. 

3 weeks before the event.

You might think, well, there goes the event. They’ll cancel it.
They were determined to make the event happen.
So, what did I do? I did what I was hired to do.
I flew in country and secured another venue.
Then re-planned and restructured the entire event in 14 days.
It was no easy task.
Actually, it was a miracle I even pulled it off.
In the end, the event was beautiful, the attendees were happy (after initial frustration due to venue and travel changes), the new venue was incredible and everyone left with mostly an amazing experience.

The moral of the story is two fold:

1. Pay your bills and honor your contracts.

2. Know that anything is possible.

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