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What if ALL you had to do…was create, serve your clients, run masterminds, be on podcasts, and travel where your heart desires.
What if you were able to remove everything from your plate and put all of your focus on building your vision and impacting more people…. without sacrificing revenue from your established streams of income?
This is your chance to grow your business with effective tools and resources that will create more revenue and give you more freedom.

50+ DIY Templates, Workflows, and
Downloadable SOPs that will put your business
on auto-pilot so you can maximize profits:

Team Onboarding & Management
As you grow and scale your business, you need to build a team that will grow with you, believe in your mission, and become strong pillars in your business’s foundation. It’s important to have clear processes in place to onboard your team so they will feel more confident and excited to work with you.
Everything you need:

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Client Onboarding & Termination
What if you could expedite the process and the ease of onboarding a new client by reducing the back-and-forth and creating a smooth experience that Wow’s them from the very beginning?
Everything you need:

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The Essentials Bundle
Organizational Workflows and SOP’s
Free up time for yourself and your team so you can focus on creating the impact you desire, maximize your revenue, and trust that your business infrastructure is unshakeable.
Everything you need:

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Bundle for only $797,
valued at $900

Business Continuity and Creating Exponential Change

What happens when your business is challenged by loss, death, Acts of God, or pandemics? It’s vital to have clear systems and workflows in place that are established long before a crisis hits.

Everything you need:

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Event Planning Workflow

You would love to organize events for your audience, but you don’t really know where to start. Having a roadmap that will efficiently and clearly guide you and your team through the planning process will save you valuable time and money.

Everything you need:

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Tech and Infrastructure Systems

FREE (a $397 Value!) with purchase of any bundle

Do you know how much money is wasted each month on systems you don’t need? Do you know how to get the most out of the systems that you already have so you can get the best ROI?
Everything you need:

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*Does not apply to Mix+Match
These DIY templates were created to help you build profitable & efficient operations systems and workflows in your business
All files and templates are customizable and come with instructions on how to customize, use, and implement into your business. Once you complete your purchase, they will be delivered to your inbox and you can dive right in!
Need an even MORE customized solution? We’ve created a way for you to get exactly what you need, as you need it.
We call it the Mix and Match!
Pick any individual templates that suit your specific business needs. Each one has been developed with the intention to help you grow and scale your business and your team.
You can Mix and Match your bundles as well!
When you buy all 5 bundles, you’ll also receive these bonuses:
Typically, we offer the full bundle package for $3,500, but when you purchase all 6 bundles together, we’ll slash the price by more than $1,300! That means you’ll receive all 56 templates for only $1997!
Does the thought of doing this on your own feel overwhelming? We get it. It can be a ton of work, especially if you don’t have a team to support you.

Are you ready to:

Today is your lucky day!
With Operations Done for You™, you can HAVE, DO, and BE more in both your life and business…all without lifting a finger. We come in, take everything off your plate, and give you back a brand-spanking-new, smooth-operating business machine of your dreams.
Complete our intake form and book a call to speak 1-on-1 with Joyce and Lany today, and see how much we can increase your profits with predictable, consistent, and amazing processes, workflows, and systems.
Your Experience
With Us
About Lany Sullivan

Lany’s natural ability for building infrastructure, increasing profit, decreasing losses, lowering turnover, and increasing overall productivity and sales is her driving passion. Within minutes of meeting a new CEO, she is mentally auditing their company for the ways they could be scaling. Combining her passion, natural curiosity, and operational experience has taught her invaluable lessons about the value of a rock-steady infrastructure

She’s also an exceptional relationship builder with strong people skills. Lany is highly astute and able to identify, within a few days or even hours, the key issues facing your company. She excels at picking the right ideas, concepts and workflows that will add value to your company in a way that makes sense.
More importantly? Once they’re chosen, she executes them with a combination of deep care and deliberate, intentional, to-the-point accuracy. As her organizational, operational and project management skills thrive, your business wins.

About Joyce Akiko

Joyce puts in systems that give her clients freedom to focus on all the ideas simmering on the back burner. No more flying by the seat of their pants, no more micro-managing, no more “one more thing” to think about… she builds in systems that run their business in the background.

Unlike other systems strategists, Joyce doesn’t just pick technology to plug a hole for a short-term fix. She looks deep into business processes to plan and implement a full systems upgrade that scales and automates business operations.

Unlike other systems strategists, Joyce doesn’t just pick technology to plug a hole for a short-term fix. She looks deep into business processes to plan and implement a full systems upgrade that scales and automates business operations.

Get clear and move faster with absolute confidence that everything is simply taken care of. It’s handled. Your business, running at full speed and bringing in the revenue… without pulling you in all the directions and needing you all the time.

We are the one-stop solution that will end your cycle of burning money and time as a result of broken business processes.

Lany and Joyce bring a combined 30+ years of experience in operations, project management, event production, systems, automation, technology, team building and more. Two powerhouse women with the skills, resources, experiences, and tools to create the ultimate experience for your business.

We bring you fully customized, completely tailored, turn key business operations that you can use to both sustain and scale your business for years to come. We’re also committed to ensuring that you won’t lose money OR time because of issues with your systems.


We never leave you hanging with half-baked ideas that you have no idea how to implement. Instead, we utilize our full toolbox of tools, strategies, and expertise to ensure that every solution you need is fully operational. Our process of Assessment, Development, Strategy Building, Implementation and Sustainability is vital to creating business processes and workflows that actually work.

We also work with your entire team. If youdon’t have a team, we help you build one while integrating your new business processes. We ensure your business foundation is solid and can weather any storm.
Stop burning money and wasting time today with broken business processes.