Lany Sullivan is pure magic. She is that person behind the scenes that is taking care of absolutely everything. For me as someone who puts on events, Lany is priceless.
What she does and how she shows up in the world is exactly what’s necessary for the next evolution and bringing people together in conscious communities.
Preston Smiles
Lany, I have no words for the admiration I have for how you deliver your genius. Thank you for making things go smoothly. I cannot believe how under all the troubles you showed up with grace, self control, and confidence. Watching you move under all the described circumstances made me want to pray in gratefulness for your presence.
Cathy Niezen
Community Building Consultancy
Man oh man is Lany the Event Queen!! She knows more about the right way to produce a world class event than anyone I’ve met or studied. She pulls back the curtain and reveals things you wouldn’t even think of and the things you think you know, she gives you a broader understanding. Her strategies are practical and comprehensive. No fluff here.
Shayna Rattler
Corporate Attraction
Lany Sullivan is a machine. She’s incredible. I don’t know what she’s running on, but I want whatever that is because she is the most incredible event organizer I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve worked with a lot of them, and she has this amazing ability to just make everything look like it’s running seamlessly and make sure that everyone is okay and that every single part of the event comes together exactly as it should.
And she pulled this together in two weeks. An event that would usually take six weeks, she did in TWO weeks! Lany has got it together. She is an amazing, amazing woman.
Louise George
Soul Fire Sessions
I cannot even begin to fully express my gratitude for this woman-for taking care of EVERYTHING behind the scenes so I could focus ON the scene and be super present with my content, my attendees, and myself. I had run Amplified Soul Live twice with a small team prior to bringing Lany on-board, and she truly created a completely different experience for us.
She managed the team effectively (they all loved her).
She managed our speakers (they all loved her).
She managed ME (hahaha and yes, I love her).
And she remained in constant contact with the venue and sponsors.
Ruby Fremon
It’s been a pleasure working with Lany on my Virtually Hijacked platform. I found myself being overwhelmed with many files and realized I needed help to manifest my vision. Lany announced her operations platform of services at the exact time when I realized this was exactly what I needed to launch-her streamline operations to define a clear path.
Her dedication to detail is exactly what was needed to get everything in order, devise a game plan and launch my vision. She has been wonderful to work with, listens to understand my vision, and I’m excited to keep her as the lead operations director to manifest my vision.
I met Lany while I was volunteering at the Vela Souls Event in Los Angeles. While the organizers could focus on creating impeccable content for their workshop, it was so evident all the work Lany was doing in the background to make the event seamless.
Everything that needed to be thought of was done well in advance, and there was no corner left unturned! We had full confidence in the venue, the sound system, the preparation, and the flow of the entire event because Lany was so thorough in her work. Not only that, she is super fun and a total sister. I could not recommend her enough!
Julia Simone
Lany listened to my project management needs. She helped me to understand how to set up my new project management system and gave me ideas on how to use it. Lany is very knowledgeable in project management and has a passion for helping professionals take their projects to the next level.
Tammie Schmidt-Kirk
Lany Sullivan is an amazing event coordinator! She knows all the secrets of conducting a super successful live event. The May event was unmanageable until I talked with Lany. In just 2 phone calls, she helped me turn it around. When I put on a live event, Lany is my go-to for everything.
Kathy Goughenour
Entrepreneurs get all the credit for building companies, driving economic growth, and being catalysts for innovation. The truth is 99% of us are only able to achieve those things because of people like Lany. Companies don’t scale without strong operational infrastructure. They can’t serve their communities efficiently without someone grabbing the details of each customer life cycle and the internal workflows that serve those life cycles and innovating the processes. If you know of a company doing this incredibly well that’s a company that likely already knows Lany. If you know of a company that’s struggling with this, that’s a company that will continue to bleed profit and strain to scale until they find Lany.
I’ve worked with Lany in many capacities. We’ve shared the same clients. She’s been my client and I’ve been hers. My agency has so much trust in her, that my team has a fast track for all contact requests from her. I’ve watched her take CEOs who were so burnt out that their companies were on the brink of a downward spiral and flip them to being strong, profitable, and most importantly serving their missions again in a few short months, one of them even in just 30 days. That’s the kind of track record that’s so good it’s hard to believe until you experience it.
If you’re considering hiring Lany, stop considering it. Do it. She will make you the kind of CEO you aspire to be with the kind of company that you always dreamt of having. You will be the next one that everyone believes is describing something too good to be true and be able to use your own business as the proof that Lany is the real deal.
Cara Parrish