The Essentials Bundle

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Free up time for yourself and your team so you can focus on creating the impact you desire, maximize your revenue, and trust that your business infrastructure is unshakeable.


Organizational Workflows and SOP’s

  • Implement a simple process to completely organize, automate, and outsource your communications, so you can reduce feeling overwhelmed when you open your email and other communication channels.
  • Build a Get Shit Done workflow, so you can check your tasks off your list and move forward with less stress and angst.
  • Run efficient weekly team meetings, so everyone feels their time was respected, they have clarity, and can continue to work towards specific outcomes.
  • Review daily and weekly progress reports, so that at a glance you can see where the team is producing, where the blocks are, and where you can shift and course correct.

Everything you need

  • The tech for creating automatic email delegation workflows and the step-by-step action plan on creating automatic email filters and color coding emails, as they come in, so your VA/team can take it from there
  • Personal efficiency workflow to get things done and off your list Social media plan, content calendar, and clear process for managing all of your social media content, assets and analytics
  • Podcast Management and Tracing templates and workflow
    Sales & Business Development template and workflow
    Event Planning workflow
  • Communications Plan template and workflow