We’re called to
give back to others and
serve those around us.

At Lany Sullivan, we use philanthropy to give back to our community and the world we live in. One of my core beliefs in life is that we are each called to give back to others and serve those around us.
Thankfully, there are incredible human beings and organizations doing work that many of us, including myself, are unable or unwilling to do. I am so grateful for these front line individuals and organizations who step up and do the hard things, which is why I am passionate about supporting them!
I donate both time & money within my own local community to:
Grants Pass
Grants Pass
Youth Pathways
I also donate 10% of all of my monthly profits to A New Dawn, a Utah-based organization working with women and children suffering from Domestic Violence.
I believe that giving back to others is one way of honoring my own
personal code of ethics. In my personal life, my career, and my
volunteer efforts, I always attempt to:
Seek truth
and honesty
Be and stay
in integrity
Be ethical in
all ways
Communicate honestly
and without fear
Anticipate issues
Be an active problem
Focus on
Challenge the
status quo
Be open
Be intentional
Look at
everything from
all angles and
Be constructive
Admit when I
am wrong,
apologize and
do/be better