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As some of you know, I record weekly interviews for RCUWomen. Lately many of my guests have been commenting on how great my audio and lighting is and have inquired about my set up.
When I first started recording I had in home normal lighting, my laptop camera & earbuds. Let’s just say… It was NOT good.


The first light I bought was this one from Limo Studios. It is not my favorite light. It’s top heavy and you have to weigh down the bottom so that it does not fall over. I made it work for a short period of time. This light would be best used in a larger space, so I keep it as a backup light if anything ever happens to my new lighting. Get the Limo Studio light here.

For the last 4+ months I have been using this lighting kit from Cowboy Studios. I love this set. I still using the lighting in my house and the natural lighting from my windows to balance out all my lighting. This kit from Cowboy really helps even and balance all my lighting. I have a huge picture window in my office, so depending on my natural lighting I use only one or two of my lights. These lights are not heavy at all. They are extremely light weight. I can reduce the stands and close down the umbrellas when I am done so that they don’t overtake my office space. I highly recommend this kit if you are recording any video. Get the Cowboy Studio light kit here.
It will put you in a better light!


When I first started recording videos I just used earbuds plugged into my laptop. There are so many issues with that and I am not an audio expert so I could never explain them all. You can definitely hear the difference in quality when using laptop built in audio versus a professional mic. In 2014, Yvonnne Heimann sold me her extra Blue Nessie mic. It was most definitely time for an upgrade at that point. I have been using my Blue Nessie for a year and a half now and it works perfectly. Blue Nessie makes some quality mics, but be forewarned that not all mics are created equal. Also note that before buying any mic you will want to make sure that it is compatible with your OS on your computer. Get the Blue Nessie mic here.


Again, when I started out, I used the built in camera on my laptop. Yikes! I looked gritty and never really knew it. I went cheap and upgraded to the Logitech c270. I still use it today for all my video recordings and according to my YouTube manager, Sheryl Loch, there is no reason at this point for me to upgrade. Yay! Get the Logitech c270 here.

However, my c270 is only a 720p and many of my fellow video peeps use the top end Logitech c920 which is 1080p. Both cameras are HD, so do some reseach and figure out what your needs are. The c270 is defintiely cheaper and fits in to almost any budget. Get the Logitech c920 here.

Please note: This is just my opinion based on my experience. I am in no way an expert in A/V work.

Disclosure: Each image is connected to an Amazon Affiliate link. If you purchase any of these products from the links I provided, I will receive compensation from Amazon.

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