People no longer want to attend an
event; they want a life-changing,
memorable experience.

This is what you need to create: unique, memorable events that
intrigue and inspire your target audience.
At Lany Sullivan, we pride ourselves on keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s current. Here’s what you need to know about the event industry; you can’t just show up with good content and a badass keynote speaker anymore. We have become a society that wants to see, touch and feel.

And we want it now.

How will you create a true experience
for your attendees, and also exceed
their highest expectations?
If you want to keep attendees coming back year after year, the key is:
WOW them!
We work with clients and event creators that are just like you; visionaries, who are struggling to keep up with event trends and expectations.
What if I told you there was a better way?

We are here to eliminate the struggle, ease
your stress and create an unforgettable
experience for your audience.

When you work with us, your attendees will
have an experience they will never forget.

I cannot even begin to fully express my gratitude for this woman-or taking care of EVERYTHING behind the scenes so I could focus ON the scene and be super present with my content, my attendees, and myself. I had run Amplified Soul Live twice with a small team prior to bringing Lany on-board, and she truly created a completely different experience for us.

She managed the team effectively (they all loved her).
She managed our speakers (they all loved her).
She managed ME (hahaha and yes, I love her).
And she remained in constant contact with the venue and sponsors.

Ruby Fremon

Lany Sullivan is a machine. She’s incredible. I don’t know what she’s running on, but I want whatever that is because she is the most incredible event organizer I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve worked with a lot of them and she has this amazing ability to just make everything look like it’s running seamlessly and make sure that everyone’s okay; that every single part of the event comes together exactly as it should.

And she pulled this together in two weeks an event that would usually take six months…two weeks…Lany has got it together. Amazing and amazing woman.

Louise George


Virtual Events

The world received a huge shake up in 2020 when it shut down and everyone had to learn to connect virtually. As the world shifted, so did the LIVE event world. Before 2020, virtual events were a part of online life, but they became critical in a way that no one ever expected. 

Create profitable and high traffic virtual events with a proven team. Our team has created online summits and live events for more than a decade. You need a team who can map out a successful event, generate revenue, build traffic not only to your event, but also your website and your speakers sites. The power in your profit comes from the amount of  interest and the depth of relationships you build before, during and after your virtual event. 

Ready to dip your toes in the water and create more online magic for your community?

Book a call with Lany to get a head start on producing your next event experience.