More Than JUST an Event Planner

I had a chat recently with a friend that told me they didn’t understand what I do. I thought it was clear since my business is Events by Lany that I am an event planner, BUT he said something that was a lightbulb moment for me.
He said, “An event planner to me is someone who just calls the venue and caterer to get the basics set up for an event. It feels like you do more than that because of your skills, but I’m not really clear on what you do.”
He’s right. I do way more than call to secure the venue and catering (aka F&B – Food & Beverage).
Yes, I plan events, but there is SO much more that this truly entails. I live, eat and breathe a client’s event. See, you can hire an basic event planner for the basics. Yup, there are planners that do that. Let me just say that all of the event planners I know and work with, we all step into a space where we literally support your vision and dream on our shoulders. We carry this to the very last moments of your event and then we sleep for a week.
From the first moment I speak with a potential client about their event, my brain starts exploding with ideas. I get jazzed when anyone wants to do events because I LOVE events. I love what you can create from nothing and it brings me so much joy.
So what do I REALLY do if I don’t just plan events?
Plan and strategize.
Facilitate and manage every single detail of your event.
Hold your vision.
Carry out your vision.
Secure vendors and negotiate contracts on your behalf and for your best interest.
Manage your budget and keep your profits at top of mind.
Communicate with your speakers and attendees.
Create a container and hold space for your event.
Put out fires that you’ll never hear about.
Keep calm.
Remove your stress.
Diffuse situations.
Care for your attendees.
Care for you.
Care for your speakers.
Show up with grace, peace and joy.
Create efficient systems.
Hold hands.
Love on people.
Infuse joy into each person we interact with.
Stand firm in integrity, morals and ethics.
Keep your vision throughout the event.
Smile and smile some more.

I create impactful and life changing experiences using live events.

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