I’m Only Human

I’m human and I procrastinate.
Don’t get me wrong. I get a TON of things accomplished.
My clients are happy.
My proposals are sent.
My content is written.
My house is clean.
My laundry is done.
You get the point. I’m on top of my work in life and business.
So, what do I procrastinate on?
I avoid the hard things. The things in my subconscious that force me to face off with myself. I have a couple of coaches and a Mastermind group that are all soul/business based which means we dive beyond the action steps and doing the work in business. We also have a spiritual, mindful, soulful practices that help me be a better person; be more aware and conscious with all things in my life.
This means that there are personal things, past and present, tucked deep in my subconscious that I get to face off with. It’s not always pleasant and it can be hard.
Hard to open up.
Hard to acknowledge something.
Hard to face off with myself.
So, I avoid it. I intentionally look for other things to DO rather than BE in the moment and grow past whatever has come up.
I hardcore procrastinate when if I only faced off with that thing it would be over and I’d be on to the next. Instead I make it hard for myself.
I’m human and I’m a work in progress.
Two years ago I wouldn’t have even seen or acknowledged my avoidance. Today I see it immediately and more often than not I’ll work through what shows up, but there are times where it’s just to great for my conscious mind to work through.
When  I find myself in this situation I reach out to my coaches and ask for support. They know and love me and show up in a big way to help me. It still may take time to work through it, but I know I’ve got someone who has my back and will help me.
Recognizing my shortcomings and weaknesses and asking for help makes me be better each and every day. I’m perfectly imperfect, and I show up every day asking for help to be the best version of myself.
I still procrastinate and I laugh at myself when I recognize it. I don’t beat myself up. I laugh because I’m learning and growing.
I love myself regardless of my faults.
I’m only human.

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