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I Grew Up in Amway

I grew up in Amway.
You’re first reaction I can already hear it…. Amway???
And see that cringe on your face? I knew it was coming.
As the oldest of 4 children I experienced quite a bit of the Amway scene as a child and young adult.
I’m not going to sit here and bash the company. I don’t really care if you like it or not. I want to share some of the positive things I picked up as a kid.
Please, I could have been subjected to worse environments…you know like crack house and pimps. See Amway’s not so bad now, huh?
I digress.
I spent a lot of time around different meetings and conferences. I grew up reading Charles Capps, Norman Vincent Peale. I met the Devos family at one point. I was shown a positive outlook on life. I was given some insight into owning your own business.
Products. Clients. Sales. Follow up. Fulfillment. Delivery. Meetings. Presentations. And more.
My parents were trying to create more opportunity for themselves and more income. Who can begrudge anyone that hope and dream?
Certainly not I.
I’m the only one of my siblings that is an entrepreneur.
I’m the only one who has jumped off a cliff, taken the chance, embraced the risk more than once and rode the wind of success or failure.
And I’m still here.
I haven’t thrown in the towel. I’m still pursuing my dream. I’m out there putting myself on the line every day saying I’m here.
I own my struggle and lessons.
I back in my success and glory.
I rise.
I fall.
And I rise again.

I learned….
Personal Development.
Overcoming Obstacles.
Managing People.
Leading People.
How to Sell.
Open Ended Questions.
Month End Close.
Making Orders.
Taking Orders.
Fulfilling Orders.
Basic Accounting.

But I also learned….
Power in Reading.
Relationship Building.
How to talk to People.
How to Share a Story.
How to be Relatable.
My parents journey wasn’t always easy, but I learned so much. My foundation was forever set. No matter how much I fall.

I will always rise.


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