How to Take Advantage of Other’s Hard Work

That’s just mean and wrong to take advantage of other people’s hard work! I would NEVER do such a thing!
Just stop right there…you do it all the time whether you realize it or not.
Do you share an influencer’s post with the intention of getting attention from them? How about when you mention an influencer to get their attention? Have you been a guest blogger on someone’s site?
These are just a couple of ways. I am sure that you can think of more.
I’m here to encourage you to take advantage of the hard work others have put into building their content, websites and membership sites. Normally, I would encourage you to be collaborative and a team player, but today I’m encouraging you to be selfish. It’s ok. Embrace it because your selfishness today actually will help those around you. When someone offers you a seat at their online table, it might be a wise decision to take it. Consider carefully the source and how it aligns with your business and goals, but if it fits… Go For It!

Here are some seats you might get offered:

  • Guest blogging
  • Video Interviews
  • Blogging for Paywall membership sites
  • Open forums
  • Open membership sites


Here are a few benefits to putting your content on someone else’s site

You didn’t build it

You did not have to build the audience or the site that you are sharing your content on. The owner is giving you access to their audience and their website for free (usually). This means that you didn’t have to put all the man hours and money in to build this audience. They did it for you. They did it so that they could bring even more value to their audience. They paved a path for you to walk on. Take advantage of it!

Link Juice

Every time you share your content you are building more links for the bots to find you. Check out this conversation with Mark Traphagen where he talks about the power of linking out. The more links you have driving back to your content the better! Now, I am not a SEO expert by any means, but I am surrounded by them and when they tell me to get my content out there and get more links driving back to my website; I listen. So, I look for places BEYOND social media to share links to my content. Social only does so much according to this conversation with Ammon Johns. Drop your links. Take advantage of it!

New Followers & Fans

Since you didn’t build it and you have more links pointing back to you and your content, you now have the opportunity to create new, raving fans based on an audience that was built for you or in spite of you. You can attract new advocates for your message without having to had done all the work to find them. Take advantage of it!
The great thing about this scenario is the site owner is benefiting as well. They are providing more value to their audience by sharing your content, they are building their worth as a solid resource for new followers and they are gaining some SEO benefit as well. It’s really a win win, but you have to find the win for you.
To quote Sheryl Loch, “I go take advantage of every forum and membership site that I can because I want to increase my link juice and find more people to like and follow my content. It benefits me, so I’m gonna do it. If others miss the benefit and value then that is their loss.”
As a forum owner, I encourage all of our members to share their content on our forum. Yes, it helps us, but it actually helps YOU, our member, WAY more. There is more value and benefit for the member and their content, and it surprises me how many people see and think that only the forum benefits. I personally am a member of 4 different forums including RCUW because I know that I can get way more benefit than just dropping content on social media. Posting in a private Facebook group limits your link value simply because it’s not open to the world. If you are a social junkie, I recommend you evaluate where your links are going, where you are placing content and find sites outside of your standard social media that you can put your content on.
If you would like to join a forum that will promote you and your content, hop on over here to RCUW and join. Membership is free.

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