From Failing to Productive

I had to assess my office from top to bottom and make major changes.

I was 21 years old and the company I worked for not only promoted me into management, but moved me across the country to a city I didn’t know and into an office that was failing.

I was the top sales woman in my former district/division and had been groomed for management.

What they didn’t tell me was it was sink or swim.

I walked into an office that was neglected in all areas.

  • Staff morale was low.
  • The office was disorganized.
  • The audits were a mess.
  • The sales #’s were bottom of the barrel.

I was excited and completely clueless.

I knew I had a mess to clean up, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got in eyeballs deep.

That first year was brutal.

The staff changed over 3 times before I finally got a staff that began to produce. I ended up firing all the original employees because they couldn’t let go of the blame and stories around why they were failing.

We got our files and audits in order and passed all internal, state and federal audits with flying colors.

We began producing sales again. We began to compete with the Top Dogs in the district for top sales #’s.

Staff morale was at an all time high.

I groomed 3 of my staff to go into management.

Things were looking good!

Then I got “promoted”.

To another failing office.

I had to build again.

Guess what?

I got promoted again.

To another failing office.

In one company in 3 years, I turned 3 failing branches into top producers. I mentored more than a dozen new managers and managers-in-training.

I created systems and processes for others to follow to pass the internal, state and federal audits.

💫 I learned quickly that I had the innate ability to walk into any office and find all the issues. Not only that, I knew how to effectively fix them and turn the situation around.

💫 I learned how adapt to different scenarios, people and demographic areas.

💫 I learned to be open and to listen.

💫 I learned that this ability to organize chaos was special and unique.

💫 I learned that I loved supporting people in this way.

For the last 20 years, I’ve been able to take this ability and adapt it to any job, client or event in any capacity.

I have worked with finance/lending, nonprofits, events of all sizes, entrepreneurs, wellness and Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve provided strategy and created more effective systems, processes and workflows for a variety of industries and clientele.

If you’re ready to organize your projects and operations, send an email to to start the conversation.

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