Mastermind & Private Community Membership Workshops

Every business owner in your community needs to be able to streamline, maximize and scale their offerings. Our expertise gives us the ability to tailor our approach to the needs of your mastermind or community. We work with businesses at any level to develop their infrastructure and amplify their ability to scale, and we know how to teach that in an actionable, relatable way.

Far too often, we see entrepreneurs who have boot strapped everything plateau because their baseline infrastructure no longer supports growth. You’ve probably seen this issue in your own community!

My team and I teach business owners how to develop systems and workflows that can be adapted to allow for ongoing growth as they take their operations and profits to the next level.

We have a no B.S. approach to scaling and growth. We dig right in and identify the problems and solutions that will help business owners in your community take immediate action with ease.

All of our Membership & Mastermind Workshops are customized. 45-60 days before our scheduled workshop you receive a link to a custom survey that your members will complete. We ask that all members have the survey completed 30 days prior to the workshop.

Using this data, we are able to identify hot spots and struggles that your members are facing in their businesses.

Along with the workshop itself, we will provide downloadable resources and actionable steps your members will be able to take immediately upon completion of the workshop. Plus, we’ll give you specific ideas about how you can hold your members accountable post-workshop!

There is no cost to this workshop; it’s our way of giving back to the business community and our fellow entrepreneurs.

Book a call with Lany to discuss your membership or mastermind communities needs and see if a workshop is a good fit for your group!