Event Planning 101: Invest in an Expert

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During 2017, I have had more inquiries than I can count from business owners who were stuck at a certain point in their event. Some I was able to help and others, sadly, I wasn’t. I want to share a few insights that I hope will help business owners as they incorporate events into their 2018 agendas.
These unique inquiries were from business owners that varied from first time event creators to seasoned vets. Some new nothing at all and some had been burned by other event planners so they were extra wary. The most consistent inquiries were from the newbies though. They were eyeballs deep into their event and were hitting brick walls left and right.
The #1 issue that they were all dealing with…lack of money. Not being liquid for your event can be a heavy burden and only gets heavier and more stressful as the countdown to your event looms over you. Budgets were way off, ticket sales were dreary, the business owners were spending what minimal profits they had to live on and the expenses were off the charts. All these lead to disaster and unimaginable stress.
I sat back this week and wished that I could have spoken with these business owners long before I did. What if I could have talked to them before they started planning or even chatted with them in the early stages of their planning. I could have made a difference. I could have helped them create a solid strategy for creating a successful event. By the time I spoke to most of them, they were out of money or out of time.
There are ways to plan an event without funds up front, but you have to know what you are doing. You have to have a strategy in place and a team ready to implement. You need to be willing to put your ego aside and be willing to ask for help from the experts. You know, you do tell your clients the same thing. Hire an expert. Delegate. Don’t do it all yourself. Stay in your lane.
Now it’s time for you to take your own advice. You need to stay in your genius and bring in members to your team that can shine in their genius to make your event a rocking success. Otherwise, what is the point? Why waste the time and money and cause all the heartache for the event to fall flat?
As my council of event planners and I discuss the issues that we regularly see, it makes us cringe, drives us crazy and we really wish we could get our hands on you BEFORE you start planning your next event.
It’s really hard for us as event planners to help such late stages and we REALLY want to help. We hate to see an event go down in flames. Every event planner I know would gladly help at earlier stages if the opportunity ever arose.
What if you could avoid these scenarios in your first event or next event?
What if spending the time and money with an event planner to consult on best direction and a solid strategy actually helped you make money in the long run?
Would spending the $500-$2,000 with a professional event planner and strategist be worth it if you were able to make a profit of 5-6 figures on your event?
The cost to get some solid consultation and strategy sessions from an event professional is worth the investment 10 times over. I can’t tell you how many events we could save and help each year if only you had reached out earlier and been willing to invest in an expert strategy session.

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