Event Content: Keep It Current and Relevant

The room was full!
Something every Event Creator loves to have.
The cocktail party was great.
The opportunities for networking were decent.
But as we got into the content I wanted to bail.
It was low level.
Entry Level.
Beginner marketing and social media content.
And it was old news at that.
The content was below the intelligence of the audience.
Thankfully my ticket was free otherwise I would have been mad that I paid for the event.
The Event Creator missed the mark. They’ve been doing their event for so many years on auto pilot, that they forgot to infuse new life into it. You’ve got to keep it fresh and new and make sure that the content is in alignment with the experience level, intelligence and knowledge of your audience.
Here are some things I noticed while attending this event:

  • The content was subpar
  • The attendees were not well matched as far as business experience goes
  • It was great to meet new people, but it was hard to sift through who was relevant to your own business
  • It’s ok to fake it until you make it, but man there were lots of fakers there
  • The event creator was very self serving and self absorbed on and off stage (ego driven)
  • Unwilling to accept feedback
  • Panders to their clique or favorite people
  • Long, exhausting days filled with more content than time allowed
  • Long days are ok
  • Exhausting days are ok
  • Rushing through content, so to get it done is not ok
  • You stop being effective with your message when you are rushing through content

Here are a few ways to improve upon this type of situation:

  1. Uplevel your content! Make sure that your content is going to move your audience to the next level.
  2. Get super clear on your marketing and sales to attract your ideal client to your event, so that your audience is balanced and matched with each other
    1. This does not mean that everyone has to be on the exact same level, but they need to be on similar paths at least
  3. Make sure that your schedule matches the quantity of your content
  4. There is overwhelm and then there is OVERWHELM. It’s easy to bore your audience or leave them in the dust. Find that sweet spot.

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