Do’s and Don’ts for Setting Up a Green Room

When setting up a Green Room, Event Hosts, Creators and Planners need to remember that it’s all about serving your Speakers. Keep them happy and make them comfortable so that they are able to give their best performance or presentation to the audience. The Green Room is a place where speakers and presenters can prepare, have some private time before they speak, enjoy some refreshments and connect with other speakers. The Green Room is a VIP experience, so make it feel like one.
Here are the 3 top DO’s that make a great Green Room for all involved.

  1. Ask speakers if they have any preferences. When you are working with celebrities they usually have a food and beverage list, but not all speakers will be at that level and most will be grateful that you even asked what they like or prefer. When you show that you care about their needs you make them feel important and special. You may not be able to give them everything on their list (especially if you are working with more than one speaker), but providing at least one or two of the items is key.
  2. Create a comfortable, peaceful and inviting space. The Green Room is the perfect place for speakers to step away from the noise of the crowds and center before they hit the stage. I like creating spaces that are casual, yet functional. The Green Room is not only a great place for speakers to prepare, but it’s also good for interviews and meet and greets. When you set up the space, you need to know 1) What will the space be used for? 2) When will it be used? 3) How will it be used? 4) How many people will be using it throughout the event?
  3. Have the Green Room managed by a trustworthy team member. No matter if your speakers are celebrities or not, it’s smart to have a team member manage the Green Room to handle any concerns, questions or issues that your speakers may have. Discretion is a must as you will have speakers who may want to have confidential calls or meetings in the Green Room during the event. Your team member will handle all Green Room duties, working with venue staff, providing for speaker needs, managing Green Room schedule and of course, ensuring that your speaker is on stage on time.

A few simple DON’TS:

  1. Don’t leave the room unstaffed or unmanned by a member of your team. You want your speakers to feel protected and cared for. Don’t leave them wondering who to ask for help.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the space with meet and greets or interviews. Remember this is a space for speakers to prepare for their time on stage. Schedule speaker meet and greets or interviews during down times or slower times in the Green Room. Always have a working timeline.
  3. Don’t turn away a speaker’s assistant or other staff. That doesn’t mean let in any of the additional staff the speaker has with them. Set up the guidelines and protocols for who has access to the Green Room prior to the event.

The great thing about having a Green Room is it’s one more place to utilize your brand messaging which is a great selling point to your sponsors. Now that doesn’t mean you make it all gawdy and ugly with branding, this is where you get creative and your branding is sleek and suggestive. It should add value to your space, not degrade it.

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