Check out the two amazing book contributions Lany Sullivan has been a part of!

"Stop Wasting Time"

I’ve been an organizational fiend for decades. When I worked in finance, I was the manager that they would bring into an office to clean it up (staff, files, and more) and get it profitable again. As a result, I became a pro at walking into an office and quickly deciphering what was happening, and what changes were necessary.
I honed my innate organizational and operational skills so often over the years that overhauling organizations and upleveling processes and profits began to feel like second nature. By 2013, I was frequently sharing my philosophies about enhancing schedules, achievements, profits, and organizations to business acquaintances. To my surprise, several came back to me at different times to inquire whether I would be willing to manage and organize them. I really didn’t want to manage people (then or now!), but those conversations got me thinking…
I figured I could write a white paper and offer it to those who were needing guidance in the art of organizing their businesses, schedules, lives and more. I wrote my first draft, and sent it off to my graphic designer. He came back with a graphic for an actual book cover. Facepalm! (It’s not what I asked for…but why hadn’t I thought of that?!)
Instantly, I knew that I had to turn it into a book. What was supposed to have been a simple 20 page paper became a 100-page book (and an attached interactive workbook) that we co-authored together.
What I love about this process and the book that resulted from it is that it made me step out of my comfort zone. We also wrote the book with an unconventional idea around reading it, because we WANTED our readers to stop and put the book down! We created concrete points in the book where you, the reader, could stop reading, pick up the workbook, and complete the idea you had just finished reading about.
Even as an author, I couldn’t help but focus on getting people to take action and make improvements!
“Entrepreneur Mind Hacks”
After writing Stop Wasting Time, I was asked to contribute my area of expertise, operations & organization, to Entrepreneur Mind Hacks.
Stop burning money and wasting time! Bring in Lany Sullivan to harness the power of operations, scale your business, and increase your profits.