Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

You know how a line from a song or movie just pops into your head and sparks a train of thought that you just have to go with….well this is that.

I was thinking about how I serve my clients and how they serve their clients and for some reason that old song from Annie Get Your Gun musical (1946) came to my head.

Here’s a refresher if you’ve never seen it….

The premise of this song was that Annie Oakley could do anything better than Frank Butler, and that may have been true at the time. 

As I started thinking about the lyrics, I realized how this is not the way we want to operate in life and business today. Back in the 40’s and 50’s (even before that and after that) women had to prove themselves, but today we don’t need to be better than the next person at everything. 

I am phenomenal at what I do and you are phenomenal at what you do. In essence, I can be and do my zone of genius better than you can because it’s not your zone of genius. I can guarantee that you can do your zone of genius better than I could even contemplate an attempt.

Here’s my point. We aren’t supposed to be competing with each other at every turn to be better at all the things. 


Instead we need to focus on the thing that we truly are good at, what serves our soul, makes us happy and pass off the rest to someone else who has perfected that piece. 

My clients are BRILLIANT at what they do. I mean insanely magical. 

You know what? 

So am I.

This is the beautiful part of integrating partners and team members into our businesses. We get to each shine in our unique glory. We get to showcase and be in our zone of genius without competing with each other. It’s a beautiful collaboration.

Our works gets to enhance the lives of those that we serve.

I know that’s what I do. 

I enhance the lives of my clients. 

I reduce overwhelm, create ease, operate in flow, make the big scary picture not scary and so much more. By taking a client’s project, event or operations structure and putting an effective strategy in place to move forward allows my clients to focus on their zone of genius; the thing that truly makes them happy. 

What I do is not sexy, but it’s beyond valuable. 

I’m not saving the world, but I am saving you. 

I create opportunities for my clients to create more revenue and to be more creative. I take the list of projects, tasks, to do’s and all that other crap off of their plate. I hire the appropriate team members and I manage all the things. 

This is what I do better. 

We are to be the best at who we are. We are not better than anyone else. 

Are you ready to be and do better in how you show up? 

Are you ready to create more, to serve more, to make a greater impact?

Let’s hop on a call and discuss how you can reduce your task list and increase your soul work.

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