Creating Profitable
Operations and Workflows

You know the sensation you get when you finally let go of that heavy burden you’ve been carrying around forever? It’s a huge relief, right? My clients experience that level of relief when they work with me.
I take the stress of the chaos, broken systems and lost profits off your hands.
You’ll finally have clarity and direction.
Your team will enjoy an improved company culture and enhanced productivity.
You’ll have higher PROFIT margins and more free time.
Your business will be in full alignment with your vision, mission, and goals.

The first thing we work on is a comprehensive assessment. We review all of your current infrastructure, processes, systems, workflows, services, programs, projects, financials, tools and more. We prioritize revenue generating workflows, remove wasteful spending, and increase efficiency and time management throughout the entire organization so you can leverage your passion and vision into a smooth-operating organization you’re proud to lead.

The depth of my experience also allows me to work with my clients on producing high end retreats and events globally.

Operations Strategy Consulting
Event Production
Event Production
Executive Retreats
Executive Retreats

50+ DIY Templates, Workflows, and Downloadable SOPs

that will put your business on auto-pilot so you can maximize profits.
In a nutshell, I have an innate ability (honed with decades of experience), to step into your business and quickly assess what needs to change in order for you to stop burning money, increase your profits, and scale to your desired level.
As an operations and project strategist for 6, 7 & 8 figure business owners, I see the big picture for my clients. Through my assessment I am able to find the gaps, create efficient workflows, increase profits, and fine tune the overall operational infrastructure of your business.
One of my key personal beliefs is that profit is powerful.
And when my business profits, I am grateful for the ability to pay it forward to help those in need. That’s why a percentage of all monthly profits at Lany Sullivan are donated to A New Dawn, a Utah non-profit supporting domestic violence victims. I also volunteer and give back within my own local community here in Oregon.
I’m in print!

Check out Stop Wasting Time a book I co-authored on the art of organizing your business, schedule, life, and more. You can also read my contribution to Entrepreneur Mind Hacks, where I share more about operations & organization.

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